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Our mission is to share our tasty plant-based products and spices with Canada’s diverse population seeking variety and new experiences. We understand the contribution of fresh and nutritious meals to living a healthy life. That’s why we partner with local farmers and enterprises to ensure you get delivery of the very best quality plant-based products and spices.

Our founder, Kelvin Ikeka was particularly interested in finding better and healthier food alternatives to promote healthy living and increase the quality of life. Initially, it started as friends and family having conversations over tasty homemade meals but has morphed into a vision to provide locally sourced, tasty plant-based alternatives for everyone.



Kelvin Ikeka graduated from the University of Regina with a major in engineering and a minor in computer science. Kelvin has worked in the food industry for 7 years, with a focus on plant-based food a year, and has also owned and operated a ghost Kitchen service. Kelvin Ikeka is currently enrolled in:​

Keziche Ikeka is a lawyer by profession and brings his legal expertise to the company Keziche has over 10 years of experience in commercial banking and 3 years of experience in procurement and project management. He is responsible for legal, Intellectual Property, and trademarks.


Alfred Enyekwe is an engineering graduate from the University of Port Harcourt with 10 years of industry experience. Alfred is going to be responsible for process improvement. He resides in Calgary with his family.

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